Why BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who want COMMITment will NEVER be ASKED on a REAL DATE, but a stripper will

7 Apr

Theena Theen:

This is a phenomenal article!

Originally posted on Real News:


The Most Beautiful Successful & Loyal Women have never been taken out on a real date.

“Many females are gold diggers, too stuck up, so how can I approach? If you don’t have a big bank account to spoil on them, they won’t let you ask them out,” a tall, muscular, Australian futures trader asked me at a public speak I did for a group of business men, through a third-party cooperation.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow@fuel4thebody

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“The Most Beautiful Successful Women have never been taken out on a real date; not because they are gold diggers, cocky, stuck up or unapproachable. Beautiful Women are actually the most approachable, sweetest, friendly, financially independent, caring women,” I responded. “As men, we must be chivalrous enough to ask her out on a REAL date, plan and pay for everything. But don’t “ask” her; be confident and say,

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The journey continues

2 Apr

… And just like that, all that once seemed beautiful and pure, is turned into darkness and pain…

There is never any telling how things will work out. You just remain optimistic and put forth all your effort, emotion, and faith into all you have and all you do until you remain drained because it is all for naught.

The skewed and cynical occurences of life creates a faithless and hopeless skeptic who no longer believes in the purity of mankind and that of love.

Love being the ultimate pursuit of happiness so that one may be paired with a fellow hopeless romantic who believes in the same faithful idea of lovely loyalty that can only be achieved in romance novels of the 1920s. Love like that doesn’t exist anymore for those who have had to mend the broken pieces of their existence. Who have shards of their heart missing because they lost it along the way to someone who not only could not give it back, but for those who did not care enough to offer a helping hand in repairing the damage.


Those who have loved and lost. Pieces of them strewn about the world, haphazardly and recklessly for those unworthy of such devotion. Pieces that can never be retrieved because of their willingness to leave those pieces with those who were undeserving of such a unique privilege.

Oh, the dimwitted young woman, who seeks shelter in a man’s heart… knowingly, and unknowingly, willing to become vulnerable to someone who may not reciprocate all that she is so selfishly willing to give of herself. Yet, the same dimwitted woman is the bravest one who is willing to risk it all for the sake of finding “the one” who can hold her heart in his body and give her his to hold in return.

The pursuit begins again… The journey to find that unfaltering commitment and unwavering loyalty for the one who will never take away one of the remaining shards of broken glass of a heart so fragile; like the panes of stained-glass of a cathedral.

The road less traveled. The roads that lead one to an unknown destination of which one might want to vacation, and if all is as lovely as it seems, can forever live in the paradise of that love that rose-colored glasses would envy.

… because in an instant, the shadows and the clouds can steal away the sunshine and leave a darkness and a morbid mourning of the beautiful sun who warms one’s skin, leaving one cold and shivering in the absence of the glorious and darling sun.

The day will come when the journey comes to a screeching halt and the destination of a lovely paradise in the eyes of someone who dares not remove their gaze from the contours of the face they never want to go another day without seeing… and forever, however long that may be, entranced with the one who has filled the cracks of the fragile stained-glass heart with gold, because they complete your character and they believe no heart is ever wasted or discarded. Their golden love repairing and making your heart more valuable than once ever thought, and there is nothing left to seek.

One day…

one day…


18 Mar

The opportunity arose for my boyfriend to go away for a few days. Unfortunately, I was unable to accompany him due to having the children still in school and having work. So off he went without me for a few days to enjoy a break from parenting and work.

I welcomed the time for me to be alone and thought I would be enjoying myself as well, but that wasn’t the case. I had a few drinks the first night and it was lonely. The next night I took the kids out for pizza, but missed having my love with me to enjoy it. I hung out at home and missed having him around to talk to, hug and kiss, or just be silly with. It just wasn’t the same.

I was so grateful for him to come home. When he came home he told me he had a surprise for me. So much to my surprise, he gave me this beautiful white box. Tied with a lovely bow… I love this man because he brought me this lovely box with these beautiful gems… rainbow cookies.


Sure, it wasn’t an engagement ring, but it was exactly what I wanted. He remembered that I asked him for them. He’s perfect and the fact that he came home and went right back to loving me the same way means that the little bit of space was all worth it.

Asking someone to take some time away is not always a bad thing. Everyone has a chance to enjoy being alone and have the wonderful realization that they feel better together than apart. So, don’t be afraid to say, go away. Go breathe. Have a drink and enjoy the game. Its a nice way to keep your sanity and keep your relationship healthy.


Dirty Laundry

17 Mar

When it comes to relationships, I am not an expert. The fact is: no one is. You go through the general meet someone, get together then stay together for a while… Sometimes it works out, other times it doesn’t.

That’s just the way it goes, right?

Sometimes some people yo-yo their relationship. They’re together. They break up. They’re together. They break up…

Sometimes the issues are kept between themselves and those closest to them… otherwise there is the constant ranting online about how their relationship is in ruin and their other half is a no good dirty shame. The constant gripe about every little thing that their significant other does wrong…

So when the proverbial shit hits the fan and the relationship fails everyone is glad it’s over with for the sake of not having to see the issues, drama and rants all over their social networks. The relationship is over so you hope the person will be happier and move on. Some do and then some jump right back in because of whatever reason…

The minute you check back into this relationshit that made you so unhappy, with the person who did all these terrible things to you, it’s hard for anyone to be incredibly supportive because they are quick to feel that you’re making a mistake.

This is why I have learned relationships should stay off of social networks because it has no reason to be there. Every relationship will have their faults because people disagree. Sometimes people make mistakes and it is human to not always be the best you can be at all moments. That is no reason to crucify them at every chance because you feel angry at the time. Chances are you will forgive them and be right back to loving them again. That’s what love is all about.

And when you do, you don’t want to look like a fool. Love already makes a fool of you for having invested so much into one person, but don’t be foolish for not accepting their flaws and working through them. Love them when they’re good. Be angry when they’re not. Forgive them when time has passed and you have cleared your mind.

Don’t post it online because chances are as much as you don’t care what people think, people remember the bad over the good and will judge you and dislike the choice you’ve made to remain with them. They might just want you to be happy, but with someone else. Someone else who doesn’t make you rant and get angry and feel so heartbroken and sad. So, keep your dirty laundry to yourself. It stinks. It doesn’t help you, even if you need to vent. Choose a better way to do so, to avoid looking foolish.


Enjoy your differences, your love, your spectacular story in private. The true proof of any healthy relationship will be the lack of signs of it online. The less you share, the less people know. Bad or good, a relationship is between two people and not the rest of the world.

Save the culmination and proof of love for your wedding and share that with those closest to you. That is the true proof of any successful relationship, and that is the only thing that anyone should truly strive for. Just love them!


23 Feb

Recently, I went on a hiatus, from most public forums, such as Facebook, Instagram and even my safe haven, WordPress. I needed to shut off the lights and sit in the dark for a little while.

I was becoming overwhelmed; crazy, even! And there was nothing that social networking would solve, other than compound my problems with (un)solicited advice* and even judgments. I was having a hard enough time offline, to have to come to a place where I was reminded that I was having some troubles that needed to be taken care of.

So, I quietly deactivated Facebook, deleted the apps from my cell phone and just lived.

My hiatus lasted all of two months. I might have posted one or two photos on Instagram during it, but quickly deleted the app after posting them. (Yes, I realize that isn’t a true hiatus… small steps, eh?) I had to return because there are some people I needed to communicate with online, but I have been very quiet since.

I realized during my time away that not every single thought, idea or even gripe needs to be placed on the internet for the whole world to see.What’s the use anyway? It really won’t solve much and it puts too many people involved in your life that really doesn’t need to be there.

The people I need in my life, I have their numbers. When I have a gripe or need someone to talk to, I know who I have. I don’t have to publicize my life for the sake of a click of a button. I don’t have to sacrifice my privacy for the sake of entertainment. Being popular on Facebook is like being the cool kid at the insane asylum. It’s irrational and it doesn’t actually validate your existence.

What has validated my existence is the fact that I have learned how to live my life offline and not pretend I’m living online. Not that I was ever pretending, but the reality of it is I wasn’t truly living because I spent so much time sitting on my networks waiting for the next notification. Waiting to see who likes my picture, status, note, whatever. Now, I am too busy enjoying my time offline with people who truly matter, finding opportunities for the children and doing what I have to do to make a good life for my family and myself.

I am far too busy living to post every little thing online, and I like it better this way. It feels good. It feels like it should. Sure, I’ll post some highlights here and there, but aside from that? No more ranting or raving about anything. No more posting subliminal messages. No more of anything that doesn’t concern anyone else. I’m focused on my kids, my man, my home. And most important of all, MYSELF.

So if you see less of me online, don’t fret. I’m still around. Send a message, shoot a text, shout me out on my wall. I’ll respond. I’ll be here if you look for me.

Until next time find your place out in the sun!

Enjoy the Sun!

[*(un)solicited advice: When you post something online you often will warrant comments that were not requested. But you're online. You post something, you cannot control that people will find opportunity to say anything, good and bad, in regards to your posting. Either you asked for it or you didn't.]

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