Home Alone

28 Feb
I have no tactics to thwart robbers as Kevin did in Home Alone.

I have no tactics to thwart robbers as Kevin did in Home Alone.

My first thought this morning: Why did Macaulay Culkin make it look like such an adventure to be Home Alone, aside from having to keep robbers from stealing all his stuff?

I remember being a kid thinking, “Man, that would be cool to be home alone. I’ll throw a party. We’re going to have a blast. I’ll do everything my parents don’t let me do!” My mindset today is more like, “I’m home alone. I’m stripping down to my skivvies and I’m going to lay on the couch and watch a movie, with a drink in hand.”

Clearly, my mindset has changed as I’ve gotten older. I would much rather just hang out at home, enjoy a nice stiff drink, watch a movie and relax. Kids will be fed and put to bed, per the usual routine, but I have no one to nag me or bother me or anything.

And having the car left here, with the keys in my possession, it kills the taboo and the excitement of “stealing” the car. It’s very blah. So, I’m not going anywhere or doing anything particularly exciting while the “cats are away”, so this little “mouse” will not play.

God, had this been years ago (and kidless) I’d be out. Or in with 25 of my who-gives-a-crap-how-close-these-people-are-to-me friends partying the night away. ← This just doesn’t seem as appealing to me right now.

I’m old(er) now…

Plus, I’m praying that no one tries to rob my house and I have to come up with a way to entertain bumbling thieves by hitting them with paint cans. It’s not cold enough to ice my porch either, so I’d be pretty much screwed.

[Inspired by the Daily Post & The Daily Prompt.]

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