The Evolution of Honduran Goddess

She’s BACK!?

Wow. It has been forever since I’ve written here. It almost feels like a stranger’s house.

Maybe that’s because I have grown so much in the past year. Maybe it is because I am recently married (almost 3 months now) and I feel like a brand new human. Or maybe it’s the fact that I, quite possibly, have outgrown the moniker Honduran Goddess.

Okay, maybe that’s a huge no on the last sentence, but I do feel that everything Honduran Goddess once stood for has changed so tremendously. I am still all about helping women and men find their way out of abusive relationships. I am still trying to motivate and inspire those who feel oppressed and ashamed to move on with their life, to break away from a bad situation.

Who once used to be a drunk, depressed, “loose”, unpredictable woman is now a Christian, dedicated mother and wife, business owner, and joyous woman. Can you believe that? Maybe you can’t, and that is okay. It takes time to get used to a new idea because sometimes, people are too comfortable with the old. But I wasn’t comfortable with the old anymore and it was time for change.

That being said, I will be changing up a few things when it comes to the blog. As much as I feel the theme here is creative and suits me to a T, I feel like it is time to give it a makeover.

Stay tuned.

Love always,

Mrs. Honduran Goddess 💞