Plan a Life You Love

I love making plans. For so many years I planned out everything.

During the middle school years, I was introduced to the usefulness of agendas. They were provided by our school to help us write things down for homework, due dates, schedules, etc. I fell in love with the control of knowing everything that was coming.

It became a control issue. I needed to know everything that was going to happen. If it wasn’t in the planner, I either had to write it down so it seemed legit or say no to doing something.

Then, my life shifted and planning wasn’t an option. I was still getting work done and getting decent grades in high school, but I began living off the cuff. I was being spontaneous and going out and enjoying my teenage years.

The plan changed. 

What I had originally planned for my future ended up being completely opposite of the life I was living. I had such a rigid plan, with no room for flexibility that when I couldn’t accomplish the goals, my life felt like it was falling apart.

I learned recently – okay, maybe I realized it long ago, but I’ve come to terms with it now- that things don’t always go the way you planned. The rigidity of having every single moment, from dawn to dusk, planned out made life living impossible. It’s one thing to have routine so people know what is coming (especially for the sake of children) but it’s another thing to be so super organized that there is no room for error or mistakes.

I have learned that planning every moment of my life left no room for joy. Most importantly, it left no room for Jesus from where our joy comes from. There is something comforting about letting the control go so that you can enjoy the true spontaneity of life.

Like, when your husband plans a surprise trip to Universal Studios. Or when your bridal party plans qa bridal shower you have no idea about and feeling anxious when they kidnap you for a few hours. Leaving room for these things in life brings joy and amazing moments that just cannot happen if they are planned out to the T.

Now, I’m not saying to throw away your planners, but what I am saying is sometimes we can get so caught up in having to know what is going to happen we can’t enjoy when things happily get off track. Or we can tend to over plan, where we feel like we have to have each and every minute of the day planned with some kind of activity and we become overwhelmed and stressed out.

But if you are type A like I tend to be, here are some things I tend to try to keep up with in my planner:

  • Make a meal plan so you don’t stress over dinner for the week and save money because you don’t have to buy a quick meal out. This ties into my next bullet.
  • Grocery lists: Because sometimes going off the cuff at the grocery store can cost you more money on unnecessary things.
  • Write out bill due dates, pay days, and daily expenses as you go along so you have a record of where your money is going at the end of the month. This helps you determine a budget based on what you need and what you can cut out.
  • ANY AND ALL medical appointments and any questions you may have for the doctor because we all think about everything after we leave the doctor’s office, right?
  • Plan special occasions, such as date nights, parent/child dates, family outings, birthday celebrations. This helps to make sure you carve out time to spend with loved ones.
  • ME TIME: make sure you carve out some time to love on yourself. Once a month, get a massage or facial. Or make sure you take time to go to the bookstore to get a new book and drink a cup of coffee. Anything that can help you feel refreshed and not spread so thin.
  • GOD TIME: This should be planned out daily. God is always with us, but making sure you carve out some time that is completely dedicated to prayer, bible study, and talking to God can help you feel more balanced and more at peace because you know He is in control.

Plan a life that you can love, but allow room for error because things will fall through. But remember, above all, God is in control and He will always make His plans work for your good. This will keep your life well-planned out and spontaneous, too. I promise that happiness and joy will follow.

♥ Mrs. Honduran Goddess.