Yesterday, I took it upon myself to do some yard work. My current landscaper mows the lawn, but does nothing else, which leaves us with a not so great looking yard. So, yesterday, after meeting with an arborist who came to help with some of the fallen branches from a previous storm, I decided I would rake and move some branches on my own.

I think I overdid it, but I digress.

I was exhausted after all the work. My hands hurt. My body ached. My skin felt hot. I was not used to this, but the work was well worth it because I felt like I had accomplished something. It was different and refreshing to see the lawn cleaner that it had been.

But here are some thoughts that came to mind as I did all the work, and once I was finished.

  • ✔: This tan is amazing.
  • ✔: I should have burned at least a million calories (okay, it was more like 800, but c’mon!!!)
  • ✔: I definitely upped my water intake.
  • ❌: I am definitely going to feel this in the morning. Ouch.
  • ❌: This is probably what heat exhaustion feels like. According to WebMd, I might have an incurable disease and have like 24 hours to live. Nah, just kidding. I never check WebMd.
  • ❌: I got blistahs on me fingahs. Where’s my banjo?

But when you think about the bad, it’s really not that bad, is it? I took some time thank God for a house with a yard, a tree that provides shade, the driveway our car is parked in, water, indoor plumbing (that shower was ice cold and amazing), and the strength to do it because He gave me a body capable of doing great things.

How fortunate am I to have these things when there are so many people out there who are wishing and praying for a home with a patch of grass? Those who are praying to have a car so they have a form of reliable transportation? People who don’t have a shower or running water. I’m fortunate to have the strength and ability to work hard on my house when there are people who have no use of certain body parts, or don’t have the ability to work on their homes.

I am just so thankful.

Sometimes we have to change our perspective in order to appreciate things in life. i could have easily been upset with the fact that I had to put in so much work on my yard when I clearly pay someone to do it for me… (which affording a landscaper is a privilege all in itself). Instead, I recalled joy for the blessings of a house with a yard and a healthy body capable of putting in the work.

What are some things you can think of that start off as a pain in the butt but is truly a blessing when you change the way you look at it? Let me know. i love hearing about the thankfulness of others.

While you think of something, I’m going to put some Neosporin on these blisters and enjoy some rest today.

♥, Mrs. Honduran Goddess